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Tie RoD Cylinders 

Along with mill duty cylinders we also exceed at rebuilding tie rod cylinders from all manufacturers.  Our Tie rod customers are found in all types of manufacturing and all with different needs.  For instance, an injection molding customer may not have the heat and environment issues, but will be pushing many of their cylinders run at higher frequencies and velocities.  On the other hand, a foundry may not run the cylinder as fast or as often, but heat and contamination are major factors when considering how to repair the cylinder.   At I.H.S. this is just another set of factors we consider when rebuilding a cylinder for our customers.  This means a cylinder rebuilt for your application at a competitive cost.  Our experience with tie rod cylinders also allows us to machine parts for a tie rod cylinder extremely fast.  In fact, we can rebuild most tie rod cylinders within 24 hours if you need it returned in a rush.  This is due to an efficient machine shop, great supply of materials such as chromed bar, honed tube, ductile and seals. You can count on our associates to keep your plant running when you need us! 

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ISO 6020 Cylinder 

Corroded beyond repair

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