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For 19 years, our company has experienced sustained growth.  Our business has grown from satisfied customers and partners that have seen first hand the results of comprehensive evaluations and repairs.  


From the moment your repair comes through our door, the failure analysis begins.  From the receiving and tagging process to associating pertinent documents sent in from the customer, we are assembling the information our technician needs to properly diagnose the failure and make improvement recommendations if applicable.  All repairs are assigned a unique number that will follow the repair all the way to the customer with an aluminum riveted tag.  We also supply free repair tags for our customers to attach to the repair.  Just ask your salesperson for more info. 



Our evaluation process is the key to our success.  Our process has been designed to offer the most comprehensive evaluation in the industry while using technology and training to keep the repairs cost effective.  Our technicians have been trained to determine cause of failure from environment, chemical degradation, heat, contamination, ​velocity, excessive pressure, age and other factors that contribute to cylinder failures.  Using our process, the points of failure are documented and photographed.   All parts needed to repair the failed component are determined along with any machining, welding, honing, chroming or other processes required to put your cylinder in better than new condition.  We utilize Solidworks ™ drawing software to draw and store repetitive parts for future use.  Our machinists work with our cylinder technicians to determine the best course of repair for your component.  For more complex issues, we also have an IFPS Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist to aid in the final review before quoting.  When complete, the evaluation is reviewed by one of our customer service representatives and the job is quoted for your consideration. 


For cylinders that are beyond economical repair, we can also quote a replacement cylinder.  Using Solidworks ™ we can quickly reverse engineer a cylinder from the sample.  This allows us to provide a replacement cylinder offering as well as be able to offer replacement units in the future. 

You may think this seems like too much work for a cylinder evaluation, but our ability to quickly and efficiently complete an evaluation is the key to our process.   This results are accurate pricing, consistent repairs, continuous improvement and a hassle free experience for our customer at a competitive price to repair shops with a less sophisticated procedure.  To see the difference for yourself, give us a call and schedule a tour of our facility! 

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