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Mill Duty Cylinders built to endure steel mill applications

We are often asked what makes our company different than our competition.   The answer is simple, our processes and our associates.   Our job is not to repair your cylinder, it is to determine why it failed and how to mitigate the risk of that failure in the future.   This results in your cylinder being rebuilt to stand the rigors of YOUR APPLICATION, YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR SYSTEM!  That level of customer focused service is something we pride ourselves on and why our customers see a difference in their maintenance spend and equipment downtime. 


While not every corrective action is applicable to every problem, we integrate many different solutions into our repairs and replacement units.  These solutions have been developed with our steel mill customers. Developing relationships with them allows us to understand the challenges mills face on a daily basis to stay efficient and productive.  Our success with mill duty cylinders has been due to our ability to develop new cylinder solutions through customer partnerships, technology, great supplier relationships and proprietary techniques and processes.  Some of those processes include: 

- Comprehensive Evaluations and Failure analysis to determine if we can improve your cylinder

- 3D Solidworks modeling of repair parts to assure communication and improve consistency

- Sealing Solutions based on temperature, pressure, fluid and environment

- Construction based on component protection, rigidity and ease of service

- Oxidation prevention based on environment

- Internal customer portals to track previous repairs, determine failure trends and store information for future repairs

- Component traceability through customer and I.H.S. numbering systems 

- Professional, knowledgeable and courteous customer service to close the loop in communication between our associates, customers and suppliers

-Platform to build metric and standard cylinders based on proven in-stock components

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