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Machine Shop Capacity:

  • (2) Romi CNC Lathes with tool turret

  • 5 manual lathes with bed lengths up to 144"

  • Manual ODTurning Capacity to 30" 

  • Manual OD Turning Capacity thru the spindle up to 6.5" and 40 feet long 

  • Metric and Standard threading

  • 4 Vertical Mills

  • 2 Horizontal Mills

  • 1 Devlieg Jig Mill

  • Various other equipment including radial drills, grinder, saws, etc. 


Machine Shop

One of the founding principles of our company was self reliance.   Part of that reliance is the ability to control the quality of the repair throughout the process.  This makes having a full machine shop one of the most important parts of our repair process.  By having our on-site machine shop, we are able to increase efficiency, reduce cost and maintain a consistent product. Our machinists and hydraulic technicians do not work as separate groups, but instead work as one team to produce a cylinder repaired with the highest quality machined parts.  In 2016, we began the modernization of our machine shop with two ROMI CNC Lathes.  These have given us the ability to run short production runs and more complex parts in a shorter time.  Once again, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.   In the near future, we will be adding a larger CNC Lathe and a CNC Mill as well.  

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